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Dead of Night


The Grotesque—A Freewrite

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While at work, I composed a very, very, very short story . . . a fable, if you will. Actually, it is a freewrite. I mind you, everything in this story came gushing out of my mind without a second’s delay. Nothing has been revised, nor was editing or proofreading necessary. It only took me 1.5 minutes to write.

The Grotesque


Waiting for the Sun to Heal

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This is a brilliantly written collection of elegies and modern verse. The title indicates solemn oppression awaiting for the light of Heaven. The sun is wounded by the darkness. However, the contents are inspirational with a masque of dusk.

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Lines of Distinction

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Between the soul’s eye and the mind’s eye there exists a center point. It is divided into two sections: Good and Evil. The only way to determine each element and classify their distinction is to cross a line. However, once crossed, the mind and soul connects causing confinement to the element chosen. These elements are the lines of distinction.

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